The Crown ‘Em Pick ‘Em Challenge: Who Wants a Mustache Ride?

For those that have been following along with our podcast, SpoCo Radio, (If you call yourself a Chicago fan, you should subscribe HERE), you know that DC, the People’s Champ and myself have been participating in what we called the “Crown ‘Em Pick ‘Em Challenge”. We’ve picked each and every game against the spread from the New Orleans Bowl to Sunday’s YUGE Eagles win. The member of our crew with the worst overall record would be forced to grow and rock a Mike Ditka/Joel Quenneville/Steve Harvey/Phil Jackson style mustache up until Opening Day of the Chicago White Sox season (shouts to the guys From the 108 for the recommendation).

Going into NFL Championship weekend, our fearless producer, DC, was already Gucci. In fact, he was just lobbing picks down onto us from his throne at the top of Mount Dennis Green.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of work to do to avoid growing an awkward, strawberry blonde third eyebrow above my upper lip. I looked down for the count. I was doomed. I needed a miracle to keep from walking around my day job looking like Michael Cera:


Thankfully for me (not so much for the People’s Champ), Big Dick Nick went on a three game bender, won a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP and made every single Cleveland Browns fan’s heart flutter.

I’m not saying it’s the greatest run in Pick ‘Em history, but many people are saying it was the greatest run in Pick ‘Em HISTORY.

The final results?

DC: 30-20-1
Jer: 24-26-1
Champ: 23-27-1

When it came down to it, Champ was who I thought he was… a soon-to-be mustached LUUUUUUWHOOOOOO ZZZZZZHERRRRR.

Now, I implore you all to follow along with Champ’s mustache journey the next few months. I beg you all to support him daily and by support him daily I really mean berate him constantly. To do so, subscribe to SpoCo Radio where ever you listen to your podcasts. Make sure you follow us on Twitter (DC, Champ, Jerry) and  bookmark our website (it’s a work in progress, but we’re getting there).

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