SpoCo Radio is now Second City Sports

Hello Chicago, how are you doing? Are you staying warm? Have you thrown out your back from shoveling yet? Are you sipping homemade soup while dreaming about Spring (oh beautiful, beautiful Spring). Have your kids exhausted you to the point where you’d risk everything to drive them to school yourself? Did your one neighbor with the snow blower NOT help with the sidewalks?

Well, I do have some good news (unless of course you like cartoon versions of us) on this Frozen Friday:

SpoCo Radio is now Second City Sports


SpoCo Radio (our original podcast named after the two bars we attended in Iowa City and Chicago; Sports Column and Sports Corner) opened up a door for us. A door that we had to burst through.

When we first started SpoCo Radio, it was really just for us. Of course, we had aspirations of it going somewhere, but we were being realistic. Everyone has a podcast nowadays and everyone else that doesn’t has limited time to listen to them all.

So, knowing all of this, we set out with one BIG goal that we promised we would ALWAYS stick by: produce a show that represents the types of fans/purveyors of Chicago that we were.

We knew we’d be a little raw. We knew we’d ride fences (*cough* ME *cough*). We knew we’d be a little outlandish (RIPIP NHL Book Reports). A little ridiculous (#NikoChallenge/anything the People’s Champ says). A little fanboy-ish. A little angry (post Jimmy Butler Trade). A little excited (RICK HAHN!). A little emotional (someone may or may not have called someone else a “dumbass” on air about their thoughts on the Bulls and the NBA playoffs).

But we knew that if we remained passionate as hell, we’d be able to bring Chicagoan’s a show that felt like they were hanging out at Sports Corner after work and shooting the shit with their best friends.

That goal hasn’t changed. It’s only been magnified.

We don’t want to just give you a few shows that you can listen to on your way to work or at the gym. No sir. We want to give you all content every day of the week. We want you to shuffle through our blog while you take one of your 20-minute poop breaks or when you’re trying to just pass some time before your 4:00 pm meeting that’s being led by Brown Nose Greg (we all have a Brown Nose Greg).

We want to be the best damn Chicago sports and pop culture podcast and blog on the internet. We can do that with your continued support.

So pull up a damn chair and getchyoself a talllllll beer because…

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