The Monday Morning Schvitz – 2/12/2018

Welcome to the Monday Morning Schvitz. Listen, after a weekend full of fried food and beer, no one is ready to go back to work. Nothing gets you back to 100% better than sitting in the sauna and working up a little schvitz. The MMS will help you pass the time while your passing time at the office.

Jimmy and Taj return to Chicago

Friday night, Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson returned to Chicago for the first time since being traded. In the summer, Butler said he had this game marked on his calendar and played as such, finishing with 38 points, 7 boards, and 5 assists. But this space isn’t about game recaps, this about the welcome back/tribute video the Bulls created for Butler and Gibson.

The video was great and the fan reaction to the video and player introductions were equally amazing, especially for a fan base that is now known for boo’ing the future franchise QB of their NFL franchise (Editors Note: ANIMALS! YOU FREAKING ANIMALS!). What needs to be addressed is the rising backlash of tribute videos. MANY people were saying Butler and Gibson weren’t deserving of a tribute video because they never won anything in Chicago. To that I say, what’s the harm in being nice? What’s wrong with acknowledging and thanking two people for pouring their blood and sweat into their craft for the pleasure of millions of people?

Jimmy Butler grew up in Chicago, where he developed into one of the top 20 players in the NBA and provided a number of great memories and Stacey King soundbites. It sounds cliche, but Taj Gibson represented what it means to be a Chicagoan. He put the team ahead of his best interests at every turn, he provided the heart and hustle that this city prides itself on and was loved by teammates and coaches. Celebrating these types of players isn’t necessary but it’s a nice gesture and putting on my meathead fan hat on for a second, can only help show superstars that this city celebrates those who work hard and it’s worth playing for.

Speaking of doing the right thing, Nick Friedell mentioned that the Bulls missed an opportunity to properly recognize Tom Thibodeau’s tenure in Chicago and I wanted to take a moment to agree with him. I get it, the front office and Thibs didn’t end on good terms but for a franchise that was stuck in the middle of the NBA with a core, he came in and took that roster to the next level. Thibs has his shortcomings with minutes and intensity, but he is a very good NBA coach and accomplished great things in Chicago that weren’t seen since Phil Jackson and that deserves recognition.

Weekend Warrior – Lebron James

The weekend is a time to kick back, enjoy a deep dish pizza and a cold beer (or 3). That is unless you’re LeBron James. After the Cavs remade its roster in the span of 90 minutes at the NBA Trade Deadline, the team had a game the next day and were going to be forced to play short-handed. No issues for LeBron James as he posted a triple-double in a game where only 6 Cavs played more than 25 minutes. There’s a lot of speculation where James will end up this summer after the moves Cleveland made but this was a game that showed when James is called upon to elevate his team he’s still the best in the league at doing so….or he just played the incredibly horrible Atlanta Hawks. A triple-double is still cool though!

Hot or Not – NBA Fashion

NBA Kicks are so hot right now

The city of Philadelphia is riding high after its Super Bowl victory and Eagles fan Karl-Anthony Towns celebrated the SB52 victory with some new kicks.

Towns then doubled down Friday night with Rick and Morty inspired kicks for the game against the Bulls

NBA Kicks aren’t a new thing but they’re still fun and shouts to Towns for showing off his personality on his feet.

Keep your pajamas at home

Dwayne Wade is admittedly not a favorite of mine after his disastrous season with the Bulls but, dude we need to have a chat about your wardrobe.


It looks like you rolled to the post-game interview in your best Hugh Hefner pajamas. I’m also willing to bet the glasses aren’t prescription and I’m going to be real with you, those frames aren’t working. Whoever is giving you clothes, tell them to stop. Please.

Editor’s Note 2: Lauri Continues to Build his Legend 

This is more than perfect:


Have a good week, Chicago!

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