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We here at Second City Sports try to read everything so we know enough to provide the takes you’ve all come to love and expect from us. That means we have to read…A LOT. Well, we figured what better way to pass it on then by sharing some of the stories we’ve read this week and our reaction to them. The following stories are in no particular order but are stories that caught our eye for good or for bad. 

On Deck: Cubs, White Sox helping new generation of women rise up in baseball – Lauren Comitor at The Athletic

The Athletic is building the most insane (in a good way) roster of writers, but one of the OG’s, Lauren Comitor, had a great piece Tuesday profiling three women who are contributing to the baseball operations departments within the White Sox and Cubs organizations.  The story touches on the lack of women in the scouting/roster construction side of sports, but I think it also shows how hard it is to make it in the sports industry and the risks and sacrifice anyone (even more so for women) to even get the smallest of opportunities. This was great, The Athletic is great, subscribe and support great writing.

Bulls find themselves the losers in win over Magic – Nick Friedell at ESPN

The Bulls won Monday night versus the Orlando Magic but as Nick Friedell writes, on-court wins and losses mean little to a front office that wants to draft in the highest position possible. Friedell offers some suggestions for the Bulls to increase its odds at losing on the court. As usual, Friedell is correct in his writing. The Bulls front office has to find a way to limit the opportunities for wins. The players are going to play hard as that’s the only way they know how to play and should be the only expectation of them. The tanking aspect of this season has always been on the front office and the pressure is on them the final stretch of the season to ensure they are drafting as high as possible in June.

Plenty of Intrigue remains as Cubs and White Sox open Camp – Paul Sullivan at the Chicago Tribune

Do you smell that? No, no it wasn’t your office accountant cooking leftover fish in the microwave again. It’s the smell of Spring Training! Pitchers and Catchers reporting the crack of the bat, popping catcher’s mitts and countless pictures of guys in stretching circles will soon fill your twitter feeds. Another spring ritual is writers tasked with talking about both Chicago baseball teams only to find 3 sentences on the team on the South Side. Sullivan managed to get me to click on this story under the guise that the White Sox would be talked about but I quickly found it was yet another dupe job and I was stuck reading a story about the Cubs spring training. Listen writers out there, I’ll read your Cubs story but nothing makes more annoyed when you lump the Sox into a story and it’s 97% about the Cubs with a throwaway mention of the Sox. Do better, Chicago papers.

Five moves each NFC North, NFC East team should make this offseason – Bill Barnwell at ESPN

The NFL offseason is a time for every fan in America to get optimistic about their team’s chances for the next season, even you Browns fans! Bill Barnwell has a series at ESPN where he lays out moves each team should make and the Bears (along with the rest of the NFC North) were up. Quite frankly, if the Bears made the moves Barnwell suggests, I would be ecstatic going into 2018 and that’s even before the results of the draft. Check it out and let me know if you like his moves in the comments below.

The Blackhawks can’t win a game and everything is terrible – Dave Melton at Second City Hockey

I’ll be the first to admit, we don’t talk enough hockey at Second City Sports. It’s not because we don’t like it, it’s because we didn’t grow up with (thanks a lot, old man Wirtz) so we don’t know as much about it and don’t want to sound ignorant. I still try to read as much as I can about the Hawks as my future in-laws are avid hockey and Blackhawks fans. Melton plays his version of the “just askin'” game that we like to play on the podcast occasionally and asks who is going to save this team. This season is largely wrapped up with the playoffs a pipe dream away, so next year and moving forward who will be the guys that step up when things are going sideways? As a guy not suitable enough to answer that question, it’s one that caught my attention and should be discussed more in Chicago.

Mock Drafts

One of us at Second City Sports declared he’s done with mock drafts, but I’m not that member of SCS! I love mock drafts even if they’re a useless exercise. I love reading who guys who might have heard something from a GM’s third cousin’s garbage man while he walked through Midway. It riles me up and takes everything in my power to yell at the writer when he slots a guy I don’t want or to retweet it a million times when they take a player I’ve loved for years in college. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF MOCK DRAFTS!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the selections by the Bears in this mock (even more so if they were paired who Barnwell suggests the Bears sign) from SB Nation. I am largely on an island in believing the Bears can take an Eagles-like jump this season and a draft like this one would go a long way in achieving that expectation.

From the highest of highs to the lowest of the lows. If the Bulls took the guys SI selected here, I would be very very sad. This mock draft illustrates how badly DougGarPax needs to step in and force young, less talented players to play the last 26 games.

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