I’m moving back to Chicago just to participate in DIBS

At the end of this weeks Second City Sports podcast, you’ll hear me ask the People’s Champ (who lives in Andersonville, which is really more like Milwaukee than Chicago) if he participates in one of the city’s best traditions: Dibs.

His answer was a resounding “no”, which is still shocking to me. Of all the people I know, I’d expect the Champ to take any and all measures (both good and bad) to reserve a spot that he labored over. The fact that he doesn’t have a few barstools sitting outside awaiting his wife to get home with a nice note attached to them that threatened any anarchist that he would smear his dogs feces all over their windshield is the upset of the century.

After all, it would be justifiable. That’s dibs baby.

As someone that grew up in the Southwest Suburbs, the closest thing to Dibs that I participated in was with the last piece of pizza. I never got to the opportunity to dig out my 1998 Chevy Cavalier from the tundra that was Meadow Lane and throw a sign up that ultimately threatened he or she that was ever so daring as to take MY SPOT.

I wouldn’t consider myself a petty person. I also wouldn’t consider myself someone that normally enjoys taking revenge on someone. But I would be lying if I said that if I shoveled out my parking spot and put up two beach chairs to reserve it, that I wouldn’t spend most of the miserable hours stuck inside watching out the window hoping someone would test me so that I could eventually do exactly what this woman did:

Long live Dibs!


In all seriousness, I know that Dibs drives some people crazy. I also know that a lot of people take it as gospel. But, I ESPECIALLY know that Chicagoans love to help each other in times of need.

With that said, I saw something the other day that really moved me. For those that haven’t seen what the Lincoln Park Community Services is doing with Dibs to help Chicago’s homeless, you need to check it out ASAP:

If you’re from Chicago, chances are you’ve heard of Dibs. It’s the time-honored tradition of giving mother nature the middle finger and claiming dominion over your own parking space.

But not everyone can have a space in the winter. The Lincoln Park Community Services helps Chicago’s homeless by providing housing, counseling, and job training skills. The work they do not only ensures that these people do have a safe space, but also that they receive the support necessary to thrive again.

This winter, LPCS and Havas are teaming up with a generous group of Chicago artists to create custom Dibs chairs for auction on eBay. All proceeds will go towards LPCS’s campaign to build their future home in Old Town, where they will be making more space for individuals experiencing homelessness than ever before.

The LPCS currently has 21-chairs up for auction on eBay including this bad boy:


Whether you wholeheartedly believe in Dibs, or despise it with every fiber of your being, I think we can all agree that supporting this cause and helping out some people that have to worry about finding a safe place to sleep instead of their car, is something we can all get behind.


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