Jordan Bohannon knows why “It’s Great to be a Hawkeye”


It’s been a long, long college basketball season for the Iowa Hawkeyes (hell, things are about to get long for a lot of college basketball teams). Things have not gone according to plan. To anyone’s plan really. For an Iowa squad that was on the bubble for much of the second half of 2017 and just missed out on the tournament on Selection Sunday, many believed that this year, Fran McCaffery would get Iowa back into the Madness.

That’s not happening. And the consolation prize of the NIT isn’t happening either.

In 100 years, when some interested fan goes back and looks at the win/loss records of the University of Iowa basketball program, they’ll see that this season, on paper, was an utter failure. They’ll see that an important offensive player in Peter Jok graduated from a team that finished 19-15 but that despite that, McCaffery and company returned every impact player (including Tyler Cook and Jordan Bohannon) and still somehow finished with only 13-14 wins. Then they’ll look into the schedule and some of the loses that they piled up and scratch their head in confusion.

What happened?

That’s something that many will dissect in the coming weeks (before football takes over our brains full time again). Is it McCaffery not getting through? Is it a roster full of similar players? Can McCaffery ever land a jitter bug point guard that can start the offense? Do they need to shake up the coaching staff? Or is this roster just still too young to compete in the Big Ten?

These are all questions that need answers.

But the one thing that won’t show up on Iowa’s Sports Reference page is what Bohannon did Sunday night against Northwestern:

Selfless. Classy. Heartwarming. Loving.

In a year in which every thing has gone wrong, Iowa’s sophomore flame thrower made all of us remember that there are some things that are more important than the product on the floor. That there are some things worth remembering outside of the record books.

Or, in this case, something that was already inside the record books.

Even in a season that has made me more angry than any since I walked onto campus in 2008 (and that’s including the Todd Lickliter Era), today, I can’t help but put that friendly smile on face before screaming to anyone that will listen, It’s great to be a Hawkeye.

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