The Monday Morning Schvitz – 2/26/2018


Welcome to the Monday Morning Schvitz. Listen, after a weekend full of fried food and beer, no one is ready to go back to work. Nothing gets you back to 100% than sitting in the sauna and working up a little schvitz. The MMS will help you pass the time while your passing time at the office.

Weekend Winner – Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles got himself a nice extension this weekend after what was easily his best season as a professional. A lot has been and will be said about how Bortles isn’t very good and the extension was premature, but I like the extension. Jacksonville didn’t give a lot of money to Bortles (it’ll be one of the cheapest QB contracts in 2019), and they know what they have in Bortles. With a defense and running game as good as Jacksonville’s, it’s better to know what you’re getting out of your QB instead of drafting/over-paying for a perceived improvement. This extension eliminates the unknown and that is often the best route NFL teams can go.

Not the Madness We Were Expecting

Yahoo! released a report detailing the latest in the corruption scandal in college basketball. The biggest revelations from this report are the names of the players who allegedly took money from an agent. It was unclear in this report if the coaches/programs knew these transactions took place.

That was until ESPN dropped a hammer Friday night reporting that an FBI wiretap had Sean Miller discussing a $100,000 payment to Deandre Ayton to secure his commitment to the Wildcats.

My opinions won’t be any different from the many that have been put out there, but it needs to be said. JUST PAY THE PLAYERS! I’m not nearly smart enough to figure out the logistics, but college sports are a billion dollar industry and when the primary source of that revenue is not being paid, a black market develops. There is a systematic flaw in the way college players are compensated. Yes, they have it better than most college students, but most college students aren’t responsible for creating billions of dollars in revenue for their schools.

Editors Note: AT LEAST let any and all “student-athletes” seek and acquire representation. That should eliminate the dirty spreadsheets showing $70 meals and $400 loans to parents that might force a few teams to vacate wins once Mark Emmert’s new-new-new-new committee gets their hands on whatever it is the FBI has.

Let’s Talk about that Tiger thing…

Justin Thomas won the Honda Classic this weekend in a playoff over Luke List. JT winning, unfortunately, won’t get the attention it deserves despite entering some superb company.

No, instead the entire world will focus on a guy who finished in 12th place. Tiger Woods continued his comeback post fusion surgery and played well. The problem with him playing well is that every Tiger fanboy comes out of the woodwork declaring #TigerBack. Fans all the way back to our very first podcast episode (Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, or SoundCloud) will remember that I adjusted my expectations for Tiger and don’t believe he’ll win a major again. My 2 co-hosts vehemently disagree with me and as a result, every 12th place finish, every birdie, every somewhat straight drive results in a comment from the Tiger peanut gallery.

I will fully admit, he played well this weekend but let’s add some much-needed context to his weekend. This wasn’t a major championship. Those are different animals mentally, and while Tiger is ramping up to get into ‘Major Form’, so is EVERYONE else. Major Championships are entirely different animals and Tiger doesn’t have theĀ aura around him like he did in his prime. Guys like JT, Rickie Fowler, Rory Mcilroy, and Jordan Speith aren’t intimidated when they are grouped with Tiger.

My final thought on Tiger. Can we quit saying he’s back when he’s not finishing in the top-5 of tournaments? Tiger Woods was the most dominant golfer in the history of golf and his level of being back is very different than any other golfer. When Tiger is actually in contention in tournaments, then and only then can we declare him being back.

Editors Note 2: He’s back.

Is Matt Groening a Time Traveler?

Team USA won its first ever gold medal in Curling during the Winter Olympics. It’s great for a sport people only pay attention to during the Winter Olympics but I want to bring more attention to the fact that Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, has a crazy skill for predicting the future.

SB Nation documents the various ways The Simpsons have predicted events in the sports world here. To take matters a little further, watch the below video from Barstool Sports’ Pat McAfee.

So, is Matt Groening a time traveler? I’m with McAfee, the gig is up Groening.

Have a great week, Chicago!

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