Second City Sports Podcast: College Basketball corruption and Tiger Woods’ comeback

The first potential catfish situation by a Second City Sports guest leads to a show that’s completely off the rails. The boys talk about the corruption going on in College Basketball and offer some thoughts on how it could get worse for the NCAA. Could the NBA really steer all the top basketball talent away from college completely? Finally, we go back to the roots of our very first episode and talk about Tiger Woods attempting his comeback. DC isn’t impressed with his 12th place finish and would like the Tiger fanboys to ease up on the optimism. Jer and Champ would rather cozy up with Tiger in the booth of a Perkins restaurant and remember the happier times. Drop us a voicemail at 708-628-7055 or tweet at us @SecCity_Sports! Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, or SoundCloud:

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