Thanks for the MMRS, Mike Glennon

“One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren’t so great
Trubisky plays the same position as you, only better!
One night, yeah, and one more time
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
Trubisky plays the same position as you, only better!”
– Fall Out Boy
-Jerry Scherwin

Did you all hear the news? Ryan Pace announced today at his press conference at the NFL Combine that the $18.5 million man, Mike Glennon, will be cut as soon as the new NFL season begins.

What a shame.

That rickety road that Glennon was supposed to take us down as Mitch Trubisky matured in the NFL, is now completely demoed. I suppose that officially means that where we’re going with Trubisky, we don’t need roads:

But before you turn to the Twitter machine and other social media platforms to completely trash the quarterback that was supposed to be an NFL-level starter, I ask that you instead thank him.

Thank him?


Without Glennon figuratively shitting the bed, we wouldn’t know what we have in Trubisky. Which also means that Pace wouldn’t have as strong of a selling point to potential free agents that the Bears, in fact, have a bright future at the quarterback position.

If Glennon was even serviceable, who knows where the Bears would be? At the end of the day, it was a mutually beneficial relationship that provided both sides with something they needed. Glennon got paid and the Bears (even if this wasn’t the plan) tanked while also being forced to throw in Trubisky to see if he would sink or swim.

Thanks for the MMRS, Mike. They weren’t so great. But the future looks like it will be. And that’s, in part, because of you.

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