Second City Sports Wants YOU!

The People’s Champ, DC and myself started Second City Sports as an outlet to express our thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics. From ketchup on hot dogs, to Tiger Woods eventual rise back to golf prominence and whether or not the Bulls should tank or make the playoffs, we’ve talked and written about the major happenings in sports and culture for the better part of a year now.

As we had hoped, our following has started to grow. And because our following has started to grow, we’ve finally decided to push Second City Sports into phase three of our expansion plan.

What’s phase three of our expansion plan outside of some generic name I just came up with to make us sound as cool as the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It’s YOU!

We’re looking to bring on a few creative writers, podcasters, video producers and/or social media savvy people just like us to assist in that growth. So, if you’re someone that is looking for a more formal medium to express your general thoughts on the Chicago Cubs World Series chances or why Mitch Trubisky is the greatest quarterback of all time, we want you ASAP!

If you’re interested, you can slid into our DM’s on Twitter (CLICK HERE) or email me at and we can go from there (we will want a writing sample, just as a heads up).

Just a quick disclaimer before you holler at us: This (for the time being) will be unpaid. But, what we can’t offer in compensation (right now), we can offer in freedom.

As the editor and someone that has written on other sites, I can guarantee you that I will give you free range to write or vlog just about anything. If you want to write a 5,000 word piece on why Devin Hester is a Hall of Famer, consider it done. If you want to do a weekly video of you being an outlandish movie critic, we’re game for that. If you have ideas for a podcast that you think could work and bring even more potential fans to our site, we’re all ears. If you want to make up a fake story about the conversations that go on between George McCaskey and Ted Phillips, I’m green lighting that right now.

If you’ve listened to our show or read anything on our site before, we love the absurd just as much as we love the facts. We dabble in all of it.

So, if any of this is speaking to you and you think you can add to our foundation, at least shoot us a note. We can talk it over.

We look forward to hearing from you and building one of the best damn Chicago sports and culture websites on the internet.



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