The Monday Morning Schvitz – 3/5/2018


Welcome to the Monday Morning Schvitz. Listen, after a weekend full of fried food and beer, no one is ready to go back to work. Nothing gets you back to 100% than sitting in the sauna and working up a little schvitz. The MMS will help you pass the time while your passing time at the office.

It was a weekend where Hollywood took center stage with the Oscars being the premier event. That doesn’t mean there isn’t sports news to break down but this will probably be pretty short.

NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is just…weird. A full week of people prodding and judging guys in their early 20’s in underwear. It still hasn’t been explained to me how guys running in skin tight clothes translates to performance in football pads but I guess we’ll just have to go with it.

The coolest, most inspiring, best, [insert more positive adjectives here] part of the Combine HAS to be Shaquem Griffin performance during the LB drills. For those who don’t know, Griffin only has one hand, but that didn’t stop him from doing this:

That’s 20 reps of 225 lbs with one hand. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t do 1 rep of 225 lbs with 2 hands. That’s freak athlete level stuff there and if that wasn’t enough, he can FLY.

There’s absolutely no reason why only having one hand should be held against him. The dude is strong and fast and was an incredible linebacker at UCF. If you’re concerned he can’t intercept passes, you’re focused on the wrong things. But if you’re going to harp on that, watch this and shut the hell up.

Bears Rumors

Another thing that happens at the Combine are RUMORS. Every person remotely responsible for football operations in the NFL are seemingly in Indianapolis which means there are talks and talks lead to rumors. Our beloved Chicago Bears were in the news Saturday with reports that there have been talks with the Miami Dolphins to trade Jordan Howard and draft picks for Jarvis Landry and draft picks. That report was later refuted but the rumor alone got Champ, Jer and myself talking about how we kind of like that deal despite the rest of the Internet hating it.

I’ll say, the Big 3 liked this deal because the Bears get an extra draft pick and addresses an area of need for a position that can seemingly be replaced pretty easily and specifically for a guy who doesn’t fit the incoming coaching regime’s philosophy. You get the extra draft pick as well which is important for a rebuilding team that needs depth. Howevah [/Stephen A. Smith voice] I thought about it more and started to lean towards not loving this deal.

This move would fill a hole at one position while opening up another hole. Jordan Howard is your between the tackle runner. Yes, he has issues catching the ball but his ability to run maintains the play action threat which is so vital for RPOs and other quick throw plays that start with the threat of a run game. Getting rid of that kind of production because he can’t catch the ball when he won’t really be asked to catch the ball doesn’t make sense.

Instead, why don’t we keep Howard and take the money you’d have to pay Landry and spread it to two different receivers?

White Sox Rumors

We’re two weeks into Spring Training and there are still a ton of free agents available. Two position players have been linked to the White Sox lately. Specifically, Mike Moustakas and Carlos Gonzalez are said to be in consistent communication with the White Sox.

Reading the column screams that Scott Boras is trying to drum up interest in his clients. First off, Carlos Gonzalez doesn’t fit on this roster. Right field is currently occupied by Avisail Garcia and Left field and DH are expected to be filled with a variety of guys (Nicky Delmonico, Matt Davidson, Ryan Cordell, Charlie Tilson among them). Moustakas might make sense and if the deal is short I could tolerate it. My feeling is, the goal isn’t to contend this year so what’s the harm is letting young fringe-y guys play their way in or out of spots on this roster for the championship window? Yolmer Sanchez is only 25 and while he doesn’t have the bat to profile as a cornerstone third baseman, maybe he shows enough to be the utility-man with a streaky bat off the bench? There’s no harm to let him show what he and the other young guys can do. Rick Hahn has said repeatedly, this is the part of the rebuild that requires patience. He also said this is the year where they’ll know a lot more where they stand with the young guys they have. Embrace the youth movement, Sox fans, it’s going to be fun watching these guys develop.


Have a great week, Chicago!


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