How you like me now? Allen Robinson is now a Chicago Bear

I still remember where I was when I first heard that Jerry Angelo made the deal that brought back Jay Cutler. It was one of those BIG sports moments where you immediately tuned into your favorite sports radio station and refreshed ESPN Chicago (RIPIP) looking for any and all content to feed your appetite.

When I woke up this morning and saw that Ryan Pace dropped the bag for Allen Robinson’s services in Chicago, I’m not going to lie to you guys, I got flashbacks:

In a vacuum, this may not be as big, in the moment, as Cutler’s deal. Things were so very different back then. Just the idea of a “Pro Bowl QB” was so foreign to us, that Derek Anderson or Vince Young would’ve moved the needle. But there is no denying, on this Tuesday morning in March, that this is nothing short of monumental in what it means for the future of this organization.

Ryan Pace has caught a ton of flack. Some deservedly. Some not so much. For the past year I’ve begged Bears fans to start judging him for the decisions he makes the minute John Fox leaves town and use the first three years as a looking glass into the type of guy he will be when he has a full deck of cards at his disposal.

I’ve argued and pushed my co-hosts to start with THIS offseason, NFL Free Agency period and NFL Draft as the true test of his talent as a general manager and a scout.

He’s undefeated so far.

Like Mitch Trubisky before him, Matt Nagy looks and seems every bit the part. So much so that the two of them combined have finally made the Bears a destination before a game has even been played:

What’s that? A bright, young, offensive minded head football coach with an accurate and athletic quarterback is a selling point for top end talent? Weird.

With Chicago being such a huge market, the fact that Chicago was missing out the Allen Robinson-type free agents (A.J. Bouye) despite being offered the most money during the John Fox era was devastating. That’s not how things should go for the charter franchise in the NFL.

That’s not how things are going to go for the charter franchise in the NFL. At least not anymore after AR15 picked US.

Pace is bringing Sexy Back!

When we look back on this time – when Trubisky is at the top of the NFC North and the Bears are once again contending – we’ll remember that the Matt Nagy hire and the Allen Robinson signing were the opening of the floodgates.

Kind of like Jon Lester’s signing was for the young Chicago Cubs a few years ago.

And you can guarantee that this signing… this guy…

…is only the beginning.


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