Oh, the place you’ll go… with a talented QB1

From the moment Mitchell Trubisky was introduced to the Chicago media — and by proxy, Bears fans worldwide — there was something that just “clicked”. That initial combination of moxy, confidence and humbleness was unlike anything I’ve witnessed on the lake front. It was as if the football God’s created a gun slinging, athletic QB with a 100-rating in “Midwestern values”.

As he smiled and chuckled through the softballs that were being lobbed his way (As a contemporary of his in age, I still don’t believe Walter Payton was his favorite player growing up. Does it mean that I hated the answer? Hell no. I loved it just like you all did. Because — like Trubisky — my favorite player growing up was also the legend of Walter Payton.), something just… fit.

He was a guy you just wanted to follow. That you wanted to see succeed.

Despite the plan that Ryan Pace or John Fox had envisioned for their green signal caller — from that opening presser — you knew that Trubisky was eventually going to work so hard that it would eventually force their hand. He wasn’t just going to accept a starter-in-waiting role as the second pick in the NFL Draft.

He knew he was ready… even if he really wasn’t:

“It’s awesome to be here,” Trubisky said. “I’m very excited to embrace the Chicago Bears fan base and everything they have to offer. This is a dream come true and I couldn’t imagine myself in a better spot, so I’m very excited for this opportunity. It’s going to be a perfect fit. I’m very happy to be here in Chicago.”

“My mentality has always been I’m going to prepare like the starter and when I’m given my opportunities just to take full advantage of them,” Trubisky said. “That’s how I carry myself and that’s how I work. At the end of the day, it’s all about the team. Whatever they need me to do to win, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Despite what was always doomed to be a throw away season, it was Trubisky’s willingness, work ethic and preparedness that propelled him into that starting role.

And he never looked back. With each start, with each snap, we started to see what Pace saw on tape. We started to believe a little bit more. We fell for the Pretty Boy Assassin.

We apparently weren’t alone:

Gabriel took to YouTube to learn a little more about his new quarterback.

“The guy can sling it, man,” he said. “When we signed the other day, the first thing I asked him was, ‘How’s your deep ball,’ so I’m excited to get in and play with him.”

Trubisky’s response to Gabriel’s question?

“He asked me, was I still fast?” Gabriel said.


I remember last year, I think it was a night game … there were some throws he made in that game and I know some players on the team then, and I was like, ‘wow these guys really have a quarterback,’” Robinson said. “So from me just watching him play and again I know some guys on the team so Chicago was a team I watched a few times so I got a chance to watch him play and I saw a lot of good things.”

We talk about it all the time on our show, but could you imagine if Glennon was serviceable? What would have happened if Fox had his way and kept Trubisky locked away as the third QB on the depth chart? What if the “let’s Aaron Rodgers him” plan worked?

Would we have Matt Nagy right now? Would we have Allen Robinson? Taylor Gabriel? Trey Burton? Would we all be upgrading our Madden lineups with the Kansas City playbook and chucking the rock all over the field just to simulate the feeling we all hope to have in a few short months?

Probably not, right?

Trubisky was the first piece of the puzzle. Nagy was next. And we just witnessed what followed after.

What’s crazy to me is that there is a not-so-bizarro world where Pace never moved up to get “his guy”, settled on Soloman Thomas or Jamal Adams and we’re looking at an identical 2018 season to the one we just had but with Josh Allen in the Trubisky spot and a whole lot more of Glennon.

Frightening right? Snap out of it!

Count your lucky stars, Chicago. Rather than ALREADY feeling helpless for the 2018 season, there’s real hope surrounding the Bears. Players around the league want to play OUR quarterback under OUR new head football coach that OUR General Manager hired.

I mean, how do you not get goosebumps reading about the Bears CREATIVE AND VERSATILE OFFENSE?

Just the versatility of it. You see a lot of big plays, you see some dink-and-dunk plays, you see everybody being involved, it’s something that just looked fun to play in,” Robinson said. “With me just watching Kansas City, and they had success on offense, Kansas City has had success on offense now for the past few years. Just being able to watch them, they played a lot of prime time games, me being injured, I was able to digest a lot of football.”

None of this would be possible without Ryan Pace identifying his QB1, having the balls to go and get him (no matter the price) or if Trubisky takes it slow and doesn’t surpass the incumbent.

Instead of feeling like the Bears are stuck inside of some Kenny Williams/Jerry Angelo fever dream, we now get to envision a world in which the Monsters of the Midway more resemble their younger animal counterparts just a little north of Soldier Field.

Young. Talented. Creative. Smart.










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