Second City Sports Podcast Episode 10: The NBA Playoffs, Chicago Bears Schedule and the NFL Draft

Last week, we talked about the possibility of a Second City Sports Funeral. And by “possibility”, I mean we had one. We were caught between a rock, a hard place and the reality of our every day lives. For the three of us, things get tough sometimes. The People’s Champ works a completely different schedule than both DCIII and I. DCIII is planning a wedding and has a brand new puppy — who is absolutely adorbs, BTW:

And I’ve been feeling the pressure of having to move to Philadelphia full time (I’ve had enough of this non-existent Orlando Sports culture).

While I know none of you want to hear about our issues (i.e. care) considering you have your own to navigate, it’s the honest to goodness truth as to why we considered shutting it down quick than Jon Taffer when he finds fruit flies in a bottle of Whiskey or glass in the ice bin:

BUT, that didn’t happen.

Because of you.

So, let me thank you all for your continued support through the good times and the bad. Thank you all for reaching out to tell us that you love us and that we’re being bitches for quitting while simultaneously kicking us in the ass.

It’s what we needed to push forward and work even harder than before.

As I’ve come to learn this past week, the show must go on.

And go on it did. This week we’re back to give out our TWTW and Chicago Dogs of the week (2:31), we then swerve into the NBA Playoffs (16:45), whether Philly is the best in the East and where LeBron James might go after Cleveland gets bounced in the playoffs (Editors Note: by the Lance Stephenson PACERS!).

We then shift gears to the Bears NFL schedule release (30:35) and pick which away game to go to and what the hardest stretch of the season will be before making some predictions about the season.

Finally, before I go, it’s EXTREMELY important you follow us on every single social media outlet you can. While we were away (but not really away), we came up with some fun ideas that will exploit those mediums more… including a live watch of the first ten picks of Thursday’s draft, a new podcast/live show that we will roll out in the coming weeks and some good ol’ fashioned tomfoolery.

So give us a follow (we’ll follow back, guaranteed) and share us with your friends. Let’s make this blog/podcast/community the best in Chicago.

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