Second City Sports Podcast Episode 11: 2018 NFL Draft Live Reactions, Chicago Bears thoughts and Lamar Jackson’s future

Well folks, we tried. We tried our damndest, but apparently between my Summit Broadband connection (I can’t wait to move) and whatever DC has, the Facebook Live event that we were planning was spotty (to put it nicely).

Back to the drawing board.

With all of that said — and because we’re lunatics and actually prepped for this —we jumped on the mics and recorded a live reaction podcast instead:

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In all honesty, this may be one of my favorites shows for listeners because everything is unedited. The conversation you’ll be navigating through is exactly how we had it… which means you’ll begin to understand why I can’t help but ride fences (I think I probably should’ve been diagnosed with ADD a long, long time ago).

Outside of my inability to focus for long periods of time, DCIII and I discuss Baker Mayfield’s future and how many Cleveland Browns games we’ll openly seek out to watch now that The Chosen One (nickname pending) is in the Dawg Pound (O/U: 12.5). We then talk about Josh Allen and why I think he’ll be the biggest bust on the board.

I get giddy about the possibility of moving up to draft Bradley Chubb.

I then get disappointed that we didn’t.

I then get giddy again about Quenton Nelson.

I then get disappointed again.

We both then get excited when the NFL Commissioner announces that Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears have selected linebacker and Patrick Willis 2.0, Roquan Smith out of Georgia.

Finally, we get into a heavy debate about Lamar Jackson, why he can (and cannot) succeed in the NFL, what situation would fit him best and more.

Join us won’t you?

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