Why Are You the Way That You Are?: An Open Letter to Angry Bears Fans

Dear Angry Bears fan(s),

Why are you the way that you are?

I’m seriously asking because I legitimately want to know. WHY. ARE. YOU. THE. WAY. THAT. YOU. ARE? Why does your mind immediately go to the absolute negative no matter what Bears management does? Why is Allen Robinson, Trey Burton AND Taylor Gabriel going to be a waste of money? Why are you still so pissed about the “picks” that Ryan Pace traded to move up to acquire the first franchise quarterback we’ve had, since, ever? Why, then, are you also so angry that this time around Pace didn’t move up to acquire a guard (Quenton Nelson) or Bradley Chubb?

On top of all of that, why are you also pissed at the greater football world that Pace didn’t move back in the draft for more picks when Chubb and Nelson went off the board? Why do you automatically assume that Roquan Smith is going to be a bust when everything that has come out from people that are way smarter than you or me (or anyone else with a Twitter profile and a few hundred followers) says the exact opposite?


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Why don’t you believe in Vic Fangio’s ability to coach him — and the guy Smith used to look up to in Leonard Floyd —  into a lethal pass rushing and coverage duo in his nickel packages? Why can’t Smith be Patrick Willis 2.0, or Brian Urlacher incarnate, or Lance Briggs with speed? Why doesn’t his tape count because it’s against “college talent”? Why won’t his speed transition into the NFL? Why can’t he stick with tight ends, slot receivers and running backs, of which, continue to be the biggest game changers in the NFL? Why are his non-weaknesses now weaknesses?

Why can’t he do THIS for the next 10 years?

Why can’t he be the next great Chicago Bears linebacker?

Why doesn’t this video give you chills? Or happiness? Or, I don’t know, a sense of pride?

Why don’t you believe that the Bears can actually be good?

Why do you spend so much time reading, watching and searching for content of your “favorite” team only to publicly shit on everything they do, no matter what it is? Is there anything the Bears could do to appease you?

I’m not so sure.

If Ryan Pace would’ve swapped the 8th pick and his second round pick to move up to take Chubb and both of his fourth round picks and next years first to get Quenton Nelson, I’m 100% positive that Angry Bears Fan Twitter would’ve blown up still.

Is there anything that could’ve happened this off season that would’ve allowed you to drink the Kool-Aid?

Again, I’m not so sure.

Which brings me back to my ultimate question… why are you the way that you are?


A concerned and optimistic Bears fan.

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